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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My business of $1000 RESIDUAL INCOME per month.

Yes you take the right step by joining SFI(Strong Future International). If not JOIN HERE FREE 
For any help please do contact me
Whatever I can help you to boost your SFI business, I will do my best. Just read and follow the following steps that I got from my upline to keep you as an EA in SFI.

Easy to make 1500 VP/month 

The way how to make 1500 versa points/month strategy that I got from my upline is sharing here.
1) Always Log in to SFI and complete actions at "To-do list" Tab(not just for doing but Read Tips,Price Blender News, Team talk, etc to grow up your business). Always click the "Launchpad" Tab read the article and complete the task.This will give you 11VP per day ok so for total 30 days 11 X 30 =330
2)Do weekly action at every week you will get 30VP- send message (boost up your Down line) Genealogy 5VP- For reviewing your TConnect page 3VP- For submitting a Stream post total 30+3+5=38 for 1 week so in month 38 X 4= 152VP
3)DO monthly actions (it too easy because you need to give rating only !!) this will give you 10Vp in 10 second. So till now we gathered 330+152+10 =492VP
Now from here we have TWO WAYS :
1st If u financially capable then Make standing order of any Tc items like below :
You can easily make 1500Vp each month by doing nothing
2nd If you financially not more capable then follow these steps
4) Purchase 10 E-books by 10TC from ECA shops which cost 1TC/e-book before Date 15th of the respective month..this
will give you Review of e-books after the 15th of the respective month
==>you will get 250VP totlly by giving review of this 10e-books
If u cant Find e-books you can go shops like these :
let me tell you how to get TC Free.. Read Following
=>My best Advice to you purchase W3 kit ( it cost 1.95$ , its less than your daily purchase)
=>you can order it here :
=>you will get 5Tc and 50 MRP easily per month
=>Awesome benefit of this is you can participate in "Pick up Price" contest just guess price of Ending Bid and win
200Tc/20Tc (200tc cost $64.00 )
per day 9-10 auction average running so 270-300 auctions per month so you can win atleast 1 time
( till now i won 1000TC+ in 3 months by that TC i won 7-8 auctions of 6 times S-builder/ 1 time 250TC / 1 time 50CSA
You can see 1.95$ can give you 500$+ infinity benefits
So till now we got 492+250=742VP
7/21/2014 SFI Affiliate Center - Leadership Manager 8/8
5) Sponsor Affiliates under your gateway and make them EA for 2nd month or you can say EA2 and tell them what you did
to become EA2..( niche thing for new affiliates its very Easy to become EA even in 30 min affiliate can)
For each Such EA2 you get 100VP
As my assumption you can easily make 5 PSA ( personally Sponsored Affiliate) every month by refering on
Facebook,twitter,Classifieds and many more traffic media
You will easily get 500VP from them even commission also if they Purchase From Tripleclick
so VP has reached to 742+500=1242VP
6)Win 200Tc by PTP
in whole month you can easily win "1" time only 200TC or u can win 4-5 times 20TC even..
( my personal advice if you are failed to get exact price of ending bid .. just stick with single no like 2.52$, 1.98$ anything
always put same no in PTC guess it increase chances to win ..its not 100% but relevant way )
Use that 100Tc in auction to bid precisely and win s-builder/50CSA/100CSA
that 100Bids will also give you 100VP
so now you are with 1242+100=1342VP
For each Bid u doing you will get 5MRP
so roughly if you do 100bids you will get 100 X 5 = 500MRP
so now Use that MRP to purchase Tc
Purchase 2Tc which costs 120MRP each(you already have 500MRP)
you can purchase from here :
Each Tc you purchase it will give you 102 VP
we want 1500-1342=158VP
So Purchase 2 TC with 240MRP will give you 204 VP( we still remain with 260MRP )
LOL!!!!! we are now ahead of 1500VP milestone
Yeah.. we have done
So you can see by single 1.95$ of purchase we can do 1500Vp+ easily..
Hope this will be beneficial to all new members
I Love SFI

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