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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Best Achievable Compensation Plan

A very detailed compensation plan is here.
Just study and act accordingly.

We are here at SFI to earn. Do not be swayed
from that objective. The best way to ensure
that we earn is to follow where the money are.
There are two major sources of income here at
SFI: (if you are not in then GO HERE. It is FREE to join.)

1. Share from Executive Pool - This is 40% of
the company-wide profit(CV) from TripleClicks.
You must be at least an EA to get share from
this pool.
This money is substantially BIG if you can
harvest matching VPs, because your share is
proportionate to the number of VPs you earned
and harvested.
You harvest from your down-lines who are
turning EA2 and above if you are at least a
BTL. The higher your rank the deeper you can
mine matching VPs. This is the goldmine here
at SFI.
So, to follow the money from executive pool,
you must build your organization wider and
deeper. Find those affiliates at all cost if
you want this gold mine.

2. Commission from Direct Sales - This is 45%
of the CV of each item you sold. The good news
is you can make a sale even if you don't know
how to sell. How? by having active affiliates.
Your affiliates are your no. 1 customers, they
are very eager and happy to buy because it
part of earning here at SFI. Everyone who
would like to maintain a rank will voluntarily
So, if you want to follow this money, you must
build your first level down-lines as wide as
you can.
Those who have established already their two
major source of income, its time to explore
the other two streams of possible income.

3. Royalty from ECA - This is 10% of the CV
form every item sold by your recruited ECommerce
Affiliates (ECA) for life! The more
ECA you recruit, the more income you will
So, to follow this money start inviting,
stores in your locality to join TripleClicks
and sell their goods or services in
TripleClicks for FREE.
Here is a good news, you don't have to look
far to find ECA. Talk to your level 1 downlines
and encourage them to become an ECA. You
yourself should think of goods or service that
you can sell at TripleClicks and become an
Again the key factor here is building your
level 1 affiliates as wide as you can.

4. Earn up to $12 form SFIPPA - When you learn
the art and science of building your
downlines, its time to go SFIPPA to earn some
If you want to follow this money, then learn
how to sponsor or recruit affiliates. By using
your SFIPPA you earn this extra money but
giving away your affiliates to SFI.

There are two more streams of income here at
SFI. These are given as rewards.

5. Income from Co-Sponsor -Co-sponsors are
assigned by SFI to you as rewards for
achievement, you can also win them from
Pricebenders. You get 15% of the CV for any
purchase done by your co-sponsor., you can
also harvest matching points from them.
To follow this money, then upgrade your rank
and bid for them at Pricebenders.

6. Prizes - this will come in different form,
but the most valuable are TC and MRP because
they are like currencies here at SFI. You can
buy almost anything from TripleClicks using TC
and MRP.

To follow this money simply join any, draws,
contests and games.
Keep your eyes on these streams of income.
Plan, strategic and execute, soon these
streams of income will converge into your

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