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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I am fine and you will be too!!!

I agree that to start a business it needs money. But it is not always.
Here also exceptions are there. World is filled with people who
become rich and successful although they were born and brought
up to a very poor family and environment. I can name in this category
Thomas Alva Edition, Wright brothers, Kenny Troutt, the founder of
Excel Communications, Starbucks' Howard Schultz, Investor Ken Langone,
Shahid Khan owns Flex-N-Gate, one of the largest private companies
in the U.S., Forever 21 founder Do Won Chang etc.

Succeed in life needs only a very very STRONG DESIRE that becomes a passion
and then the miracle starts to happen. Robert Kiyosaki said "money is not required
to earn money" in his book “Rich Dad's Guide to Investing
So we first need a STRONG DESIRE to succeed.
In our business SFI, how can we go if we have no money to invest?
Here is a way.

1. The first month is easy to achieve EA Status.

2. As we have no money to invest, we need to invest time and thinking.
    Napolean Hill rightly said "Think and Grow Rich" instead Invest money 
and Grow Rich or Work hard and Grow Rich.

3. We need to use offline and online methods to refer friends and
    family to our business SFI.

4. Let’s buy our daily necessities, food, clothing, children clothing’s, 
    footware etc. etc from our own store TRIPLECLICS. Ensure that the
    products are buying from your tripleclics sponsor link
    (mine is )and preferably
    from our local ECAs. The price may be sometimes a bit high.
   But it is an investment for your financial freedom business.
   We will see that the commission is increasing month by month.

5. Let’s try to sponsor our local shops as ECAs. For every sale
   at Tripleclics from that ECA will give you a 10% commission.

6. If we have 15 EA2s after a year also,then we will become EA2 
   every month as we will get 100VPs from our Personally
   Sponsored Associates(PSA)s every month.

7. At that time our monthly income may be $75 to $120.

8. Reinvest this earning for another year and we will see our 
    income increases by manifold.
  So let us "Think and Grow"

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