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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Earn more Action VPs

As per the rule of SFI we need to earn Action VPs to achieve Leadership status say BTL, STL etc.
I have summed up some ways to earn Action VPs

  1. Buy Tcredits and use them to bidding. 1 bidding gives you 1 action VP.
  2. Buy essential products from TC direct listing and review your purchase. For a review we get 25 action VPs.
  3. Groom your PSAs to become EA2. For each PSA who become EA2, we get 100 action VPs. For each PSA who become BTL we get 150 action VPs, for each PSA who become STL we get 200 action VPs so on.
  4. Explore ways to get more entries to Daily Grand everyday. We may win upto 100 action VPs.
  5. Buy wave3, reactivate every month and get 5TCs free. Bid them and collect 5 action VPs.
  6. Explore other ways also from your “To Do List” tab.

      Regarding rating, request your PSAs to rate not below 3 stars as it is the minimum rating required to become a Team Leader. Tell them that you always rated your sponsor above 3 stars so that he could become a Team Leader and it helps in growing our Team. Let your PSAs remember that in MLM, success lies in "DUPLICATION" only and it is always not necessary to try to re-invent the wheel.



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