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Monday, September 29, 2014

Earn with your business 

If we can, we need to buy as much PSAs as possible. If we buy 100PSAs every month and only 1% is active, every month we can get 1 active PSA. So after a year you will have 12 active PSAs and expected income will be $70-$100 per month. This is the worst case. If 3% is active then after a year you will have 36 active PSAs. That time your income will be $200 to $300 per month. If you have time to advertise your SFI gateways, then do so every day.

Please copy me to become a Bronze

  1. I set my monthly goal before 10th of every month giving me 5 VPs.I am doing a monthly Standing Order for 1 pack of 125 Tcredits at $36.25 giving me 1500 Vps + 100Vp for having a SO.
  2. I am ordering Targeted Online Advertising share - 10 Affiliates GUARANTEED + 5 for FREE at $25 and I earn 243 VPs.
  3. I am bidding those 125 tcredits giving me 125 VPs and (125x10)=1250 MRP (at Double MRP auctions).
  4. I rate my sponsors at least 4-5 stars before 5th of every month giving me 10 VPs.
  5. I collect 11VPs everyday on daily actions. 330VPs per month.
  6. I do weekly actions and collect 152 VPs every month.
  7. I sign up for Wave3 membership ( and activated every month. It costs only $1.95 once and get 5tcredits and 50 member reward points(MRP) every month. This 5tcs give me 5VPs after bidding and 5x10=50 MRP.
  8. Now I earn 1500+243=1743 Sales VPs,100+125+10+5+330+152+5=727 Action VPs and 1250+50+50=1350MRPs
  9. I use to buy 1tc everyday by using 126MRP for 10 days earning 102x10=1020 Sales VPs. These 10 tcs give me 10VPs and 100 MRP after bidding. Now I earn 1743+1020=2763 Sales VPs and 727+10=737 Action VPs.
  10. Now I need 1000-737=263 Action VPs to become BTL.
  11. I earn from 3 PSAs who became EA2s 3x100=300VPs or I got 25x11=275VPs for reviewing those 11 tc direct purchases(one 125tc purchase and ten 1tc purchases).
  12. Thus I am investing $61.25 every month and building my SFI business. My monthly income varies between $30 to $70 and growing every month. I know it will increase tremendously when you get your 3 PSAs who become EA2s like yourself and you become bronze team leader like me.

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